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Innovation in polymers

Rauh Polymers, Inc. produces engineering grade resins for applications in the consumer, industrial, automotive, electronic and medical industries. When your project requires high performance, Rauh Polymers offers cost saving solutions designed to meet your specifications and exceed your expectations.

Rauh Polymers research team combined innovation and experience with rubber and plastic manufacturing in developing its latest line of proprietary engineering polymers, PermaFlex®, Optimum® and ElectraFlex®. Each product is designed to reduce manufacturing costs and improve performance, while eliminating processing steps and environmental problems. Applications using PermaFlex TPE-E replace the need for cured rubber. Optimum copolyester replaces the need for painted surfaces and ElectraFlex conductive TPE-E replaces the use of metals in circuits. Rauh Polymers' new ester polymers are manufactured with environmentally improved processes and are recyclable.

Superior technology. Innovative products. Rauh Polymers.


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